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Staffing Solutions Offered by Inconen

INCONEN has earned a reputation for professionalism and accurate response to our clients needs

Our experienced sales and recruiting staff can provide the personnel needed in most disciplines in virtually all major industries. We will respond with available, qualified candidates within hours of your request.

Our many branches form a network of available personnel, both from our continually updated database, and from our internet resources.

Our staff interviews each candidate and checks references. We will provide you with the personal resume and will arrange an interview with your experts.

Types of Services

Temporary Staffing Service

INCONEN can quickly provide technical personnel in virtually all major industries. We are able to provide the right person for the job at very short notice.

INCONEN can provide for small or larger projects, for a few weeks or years.

Payroll Service

This program is for those situations where you already have a candidate that you wish to have working under your direction, but placed on INCONEN's payroll. This frees your company from the responsibility and liability of payroll taxes and worker's compensation claims. It is also a very cost-effective way to place an employee on a probationary period prior to a direct hire or for short-term situations. (Such as bringing retirees back for special projects or for "peaks and valleys" in your work-loads).

Permanent Placement Service

INCONEN will use its extensive resources to seek out the ideal candidate to permanently enhance your company's expertise.

Temporary to Direct Service

This service allows you to evaluate performance for a period prior to hiring.

Eliminate employee overhead costs and employee benefit costs during the evaluation period. This valuable service allows more flexibility in hiring new employees. The services will allow you to evaluate performance for a period prior to hiring, and ensures selection of the most qualified candidates.

Cost Reduction

INCONEN assumes responsibility for costs associated with overhead and benefits including

  • Background Investigations

  • Social Security Requirements

  • Advertising

  • Recruiting

  • Worker's Compensation

  • Payroll/Unemployment costs

  • Retirement Planning

  • Holiday Pay on Certain Contracts

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